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Amici del Nara SA

The association “Amici del Nara”, which was founded in the year 2003, counts up to more than 600 associates and works mostly on the basis of voluntary service and enthusiasm for supporting and managing the Nara tourist resort, both in winter and in summer.


Technical Director:

Edo Beretta
Cell. +41 79 233 79 70


The Association “Amici del Nara” was founded by a group of people affectionated to this wonderful region in the Blenio valley. They wanted to give their own contribute to the rescue of the Nara tourist resort in collaboration with the municipality of Acquarossa and OTR Bellinzona e Alto Ticino.

The Goals of the Association are:

  1. The promotion of the tourist region Nara;
  2. The opening and the management of the lift infrastructures in summer and in winter;
  3. The management of the public places;
  4. The promotion of events related to sports, free time and culture, in collaboration with local associations and companies.
  5. The collaboration with the public body in the revival and planning of the tourist resort.

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Discover the advantages we will offer you as a member of the “Amici del Nara” by contacting us at the following address:

Amici del Nara SA
CH-6716 Acquarossa (TI)
tel: +41 91 871 11 11
e-mail: info@nara.ch

Banca Raiffeisen Tre Valli
6710 Biasca

IBAN  CH71 8035 0000 0008 7872 1
Postcheck 65-7122-1

Press review

Here you will find interesting articles about our resort:

Power line at 2000 m

Family friendly, ideal landscape, easy to reach – the attributes of the alpine region NARA, located at 1500 to 2100 meters above sea level in the Swiss Blenio-Valley, in the southern part of the Alps. In 2003, a group of people created the non-profit association “Amici del Nara” (Friends of Nara) in order to maintain and operate the technical infrastructure of the Nara region. Every year, over 600 members perform thousands of hours of voluntary work maintaining and operating chair lifts, ski lifts, and the mountain restaurant, preparing slopes, hiking and biking trails.
A 200 KW Diesel Generator was used until recently to generate the electricity to operate the installations at the upper section of the area – an anachronism in this region with its beautifully renovated “Rustici” (alpine huts) and well-kept alpine hayfields.
This has changed in summer 2010: a 2.1 km long earth-laid power line connects the installations with the public grid at the lower part of the valley, in 2016 we continuity to connect Alpe Pain Laghetto.

Thank you very much for the support.

For more Information contact info@nara.ch



Amici del Nara