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In the upper Blenio Valley there are already since a few years several singletrails for mountain bikes (the regions of Soprasosto,Dötra and of the Lukmanier offer for example beautiful routes, such as the Trail number 65 of “Suisse Mobile”, which starts in Andermatt). Thanks to the new trail connecting Gorda to Piandios, the right upper bank of the Blenio Valley is also becoming easily accessible to “mountain bikers”, who can now ride from Camperio to the Nara region without getting off the saddle (or nearly so…). Not a minor detail, this route offers a spectacular view of the valley and the surrounding mountains!
For those bikers who want to take advantage of the Nara chair-lifts, they are available to lift you up to 2000 meters, allowing you to take full advantage of the recently created new trails in the area.

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