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Geographical situation

The Nara region is situated in an especially wind-protected basin along the ridge of the surrounding mountains. This basin is exposed to the sun from morning until evening. However, in winter, the sunrays come down oblique and not perpendicularly. Therefore the snow remains for a long time and in good quality. This natural peculiarity represents a great advantage for the ski resort and it is a characteristic of the Nara too!

Geological situation

Nearly all our slopes are on pastures and not on stony and rough ground. As a consequence, there is no need of a lot of snow in order to enable the skiing activity. The Amici del Nara CO has invested a lot in the improvement of this natural predisposition of the slopes. Thanks to this, the preparation of the ski-slopes has become much easier and more efficient. The Nara is also traversed by many trails for trekking and biking. Also the features of the freeride-downhill track, which is a great success, are to be related to the natural features of the Nara mountains; As you can see it is a “friendly nature!”.


The region

The Nara is eco sustainable

We are in the neighbor of the most important cities of Ticino canton and near to “Lombardia region” (Nord of Italy), this allows a daily visit, w/o using a lot of petrol, w/o stress and with the access roads constantly cleaned (free of snow & ice).

Today we talk a lot about mobility: will this be the case also in the future? We need to take care about what we have nearby.

The Nara is social

The prices are very interesting, for families are unbeatable, one kid or 10 kids pay the same.

Nara employs different local persons  and create an important turnover for the Blenio valley

Nara  is for the valley economically advantageous and for the Ticino canton socially quite important, for many people a unique opportunity to enjoy the mountains in summer and winter.

The Nara is tourism

The Nara is placed in a very sunny und wind protected bowl-shaped settlement. With ski slope till 2200 m altitude. The temperatures and snow conditions are the perfect environment for the skiing pleasure.

During summertime different hike paths are available, also mountain biker are welcome with the famous Freeride & Downhill “Black Wood Line”, this is the ideal region for a relaxing sport vacation or a daily trip on the mountain.

On www.blenio.com you can rent a mountain house “rustico” for the winter or summer season.

The local restaurant “La Pernice” is waiting for you, offering the different local specialities.

The Nara is a common good

The whole infrastructure, with 2 chairlift, 3 ski-lifts, 2 pony-lifts restaurant “La Pernice”, belongs to the municipality of Acquarossa.

The administration of Nara (winter and summer) is managed by the “Amici del Nara SA”, a stock company composed by 600 stockholders (friends), the majority of them working in an honorary capacity, to allow a costs reduction.

Sometime ago the “Nara fans Club” was founded, with the goal to support & save so as increase the Nara offer.

Save, is the correct expression since also the Nara is facing a critical financial situation not receiving any public support.

The Nara merits in any case your visit (in summer or winter), you will not be disappointed. Doing so you will participate & contribute in saving a mountain jewel.

Kind regards

Amici del Nara SA

How to reach us

On the highway A2, take the exit to Biasca and continue in the direction of the Lucomagno mountain pass. As soon as you cross Dongio, at about 10km from the highway, you will find a shield with the writing: Nara-Leontica, indicating the directions for reaching the parking of the Nara.
The road from Dongio to Leontica is open to busses with a maximum length of 14 meters; please observe the traffic signs.

The Nara resort can also be reached by public transportation: SBB Travel Online