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Unique in Southern Switzerland, the Nara sled run allows unforgettable emotions to the whole family. With the chair-lift from Leontica, you first reach Cancorì, from where you continue with the second chair-lift to climb up to Pian Nara. The sled run, which starts in Pian Nara, is 5 km long and drops for 480 m to Cancorì. It winds its way through snow-covered slopes, conifer forests and groups of alpine huts of rare beauty. If the snow conditions permit it, you can extend the downhill run for additional 5 km from Cancori to Leontica on a mountain road reserved for sleds.

Sleds can be hired in Cancorì near the Restaurant “La Pernice”

Experience the sensational, original and unique Skitti ski-sleds. They are a fantastic means of sliding exclusively supplied to Nara. Rather than sledding, you are “skiing-by-sitting”. Watch the video!

The Skitti

The Skitti have been created by a ski instructor from Ticino. They are unique and are built one by one by the inventor with great passion and care. They are very amusing, because they slide on the snow very quickly. Although they are easy to drive, they demand respect and practice, avoiding to over-estimate your abilities. As long as you do not master them, it is recommended to ride the Skitti with great care. For additional information on safety, please check the site of the BFU.

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