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Due to the possibility of reaching the Pian di Nara at 2000m by chairlift, the region of the Nara suits perfectly the conditions to enable the sport of paragliding. Thanks to the easy reachable location, it has become one of the favorite destinations of this sport both in summer as in winter.

For “non-gliders” who want to experience the thrill of paragliding, there is the opportunity to fly tandem with tandem pilots graduates Michel Rigozzi (tel. +41 79 682 9381, e-mail mrigozzi @ and Marzio Ambrosetti (tel. +41 79 644 0138, e-mail The flight lasts about 20 minutes from the Pian Nara at 2000 m to Pian Castro, with 1600 m of height difference; price 180. -.

If you start at over 2000m there are many ideal places for the take-off, for example the Bassa di Nara, where the top ski-lift arrives. During winter, there will be a track, from the bar Nara Beach, prepared exclusively for winter-paragliders. There are two landing areas: Pian Castro (400m) or Aquila (800m). The east-southeast exposure enables perfect thermal conditions for long flights in front of the mountaintop of the Adula and its glacier. By reaching a good height, you will be able to fly in direction of the Lucomagno pass and in direction of the Leventina valley.

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FlyTicino by Federico Soldati and Stefano Genazzini also organizes paragliding tandem flights. They offer two options: the Standard Paragliding Package for CHF 200.- and the Deluxe Paragliding Package for CHF 250.- (Phone. +41 79 796 76 18, E-mail., Website: